10 Tips to Stay Safe and Enjoy your Overseas Tour

Holiday villa alicanteSome people have been lucky enough to travel all over the world but have also observed an unbelievable selection of street rip-offs and hustles. From Caracas to Cairo, Amman to Amsterdam, someone may continuously try to sell you wolf tickets: the razor blade rip, the sham drunk, the Rio shoe swindle, cash exchange lure-and-shifts, speeding car chases via barrios, shifting walls, thieves with knives, demonstrations cloaked in tear gas, bizarre temptresses slipping something in your beverage, cliques of pick-pocketing drifters or even, God forbid, running for your life trying to escape mafias and being a lodger in a Third World prison.

Some have had the worst experiences with others even surviving tricky and well-planned grifts concerning counterfeit policemen with sham police cars not to mention kilos of mock-up cocaine that had them panicking like captives. Nonetheless, you do not have to allow all these to scare you from getting a hold of your travel documents and exploring the gorgeous world we live in; you will be surprised to find that a lot of destinations are as benign as your home front but only if you apply some of the basic guidelines of considerations:

Be Ready For Anything Always

It is important that before you start travelling; make enough copies of your travel documents. These include your passport, credit cards, travel schedule, medical card, and most importantly your passport. You could give one copy to your friend back at home and keep the other set with you discrete from the original documents. You could also, via a web based correspondence account, mail yourself any relevant information so that you are able to retrieve it in any café or hotel if need be. Also, check in at the UK embassy as soon as you get to your travel destination. You could keep aside some money, just in case an emergency arises.

Do Not be the Ugly Tourist

Whenever you are in a foreign country, please try as much as you can not to draw attention to yourself, particularly undesirable attention. While you may be advised to go get the experience of partying overseas, do not, under any circumstance get too drunk. Also, always take a taxi during the night for safety. Be cautious before accepting open drinks from strangers and be careful not to leave your drink unattended at any given time. Most importantly, never try to experience with drugs in an alien state; unless of course, you are ready to serve serious jail time.

Keep a Proper Schedule

An early start to your day guarantees an early end which is highly recommended and will most probably help you stay away or avoid possibly dangerous situations. Regardless of how pleasant not to mention peaceful a travel destination may seem, once dusk breaks, it could turn into a crime background. After all, many bad things usually happen at 2 am rather than 2 pm.

Do Not Be An Easy Target

Thieves can be very tricky. They choose their victims carefully and will go for the easy targets. Do not fall prey; you can show them that you are alert by keeping your head up, conceding oncoming people and those going, letting your eyes wonder around and they will without a doubt move on to a much easier target.

Avoid Chaos

Thieves design circumstances that bring about mix-up then they strike. If caught up in a mad rush instantaneously secure your wallet in your pocket with one hand and use the other to courteously push away and exit the situation.

When you go to Rome, do What the Romans Do

Regardless of where you are travelling to, it is important to try and fit in with the natives. It helps to learn one or two catch phrases in their innate language as well as jot them down on your guide. You could initiate chats with shopkeepers, desk clerks, waiters or taxi drivers. Inquire their names, where they come from and you could also ask them about their family. This will show that you are showing esteem and making efforts to get along hence they treat you well in exchange. You could also try and talk about soccer and what teams they support. You never know, you may end up receiving invitations for dinner!

Do not Be Flashy

Walking around with expensive jewellery on your neck or a fancy camera is recipe for disaster. If anything, you are advised to have a cheap plastic watch on and remove it before you step out at night from a bar, restaurant or even your hotel room. Also carry along with you a snare wallet so that you can readily give it up if you are cornered. When in a crowded street, have your wallet in your front pocket or swing your bag to the front.

Stay Away From Destinations Mapped For Political Crimes

Avoid countries mapped for political crimes for example act of terrorism and kidnappings. There is no adventure in taking such kinds of risks. This is like going hiking in the surroundings of the Iranian perimeter without a map! Before booking your trip, have a look around your state department’s website or the news reports.

Donate to a charity, not to the Street

Many developing countries have an abundance of beggars on their streets and it is hard to separate the genuine beggars from the conmen. This being the case, if you feel like helping, please find a charitable institution and that way, you are almost sure your money or gifts will reach the really needy individuals.

Live to travel another day

Your overall goal should constantly be – to stay alive. Therefore, if anything happens, try to keep your cool. If a thief for example draws a knife at you, do not put up a fight. Give in to their demand and get away safely. Well, at least you will be alive to tell the story.

If you are planning on visiting Spain either for your honeymoon or on a family tour – great choice! Some of the tips we’ve given above may or may not apply to you, but it is always important to be cautious than to be sorry.

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