Why Guardamar del Segura is Your Perfect Vacation Destination

Guardamar del Segura is a beautiful and majestic town located south on Spain’s Costa Blanca. The town is situated 30 Kms from Alicante International airport and is home to a thick and unique Mediterranean forest, beautiful beaches and sand dunes, as well as a highly protected Natural Park.

Guardamar is located right at the mouth of River Segura and is home to a variety of different local natural resources such as the extensive pine forest and the Phoenician city of La Fonteta. The cosmopolitan town hugely respects its own cultural tradition evident of the many cultural festivals like the Fogueres de Sant Joan, Moros i Cristians, and L’Encantà among others. Catalan is the most widely spoken language.


Guardamar has a beautiful and unique environment made up of a variety of eco systems. Among the most interesting features are the dunes which are formed by the sand from the sea. Interestingly, the sand dune cordon covers the entire town shoreline, from the north to south.

Beautiful sandy beaches are also part and parcel of the sunny town. The fine golden sandy beaches stretch for at least 11 Kms. The most popular beaches in the area are the els Tossals, les Ortigues, el Camp, and Rogueta.

Take a trip to the Laguna de la Mata Natural Park which is just south of the town. The park is located on a wetland and is an important nature and bird reserve. The park has an extensive visual and photographic exhibition of the salt ecosystem and you can get all this information at the Information and Orientation Centre. There are a number of routes that you can use to tour the park and they are accessible both on foot and by bicycle.

Enjoy a spectacular view of a traditional market garden at River Segura. You can also engage in water sports that are commonly held at the mouth of the river.


Guardamar has traditional festivities running all year round. Christmas period is especially a magical period with lots of activities for both the young and old. There are a variety of sporting events that take place during the period and children will especially love the magic games and street theatre. Enjoy a perfect show (on the 23rd of December) of the bun eating giant Menjabollos who dances to traditional Valencian music.

The Easter period, around April, comes with the processions that include the re-enactment of Passion of Christ performed on the streets. Summer is marked by the arrival of St. John’s night, an ancestral fire ritual that involves lighting of huge bonfires.

Enjoy, colour, music, and fireworks on the second half of July as people celebrate the Moors and Christians festival.

The town also has a wide range of both International and Spanish cuisine. There is also a wide range of tourism related activities to suit all budgets and coupled with relaxing lifestyle, Gurardamar is definitely a town worth visiting.


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