Make Your Holiday an Experience of Bizarre Spanish Festivals

Spain boasts a plethora of festivals and fiestas all year round. Some are modest, others grand, many historical, and a number with a religious connection, but all celebrate Spain and provide invaluable insight into the Spanish culture.

The grandeur and popularity of Spanish festivals have made them a cultural attraction, drawing thousands upon thousands of visitors to the country each year. Each festival is related to the religion, culture, or history of the place and it boasts unique elements that set it apart from other festivals. A number of festivals are definitely worth travelling to Spain for, even though this means you will find the streets packed, most normal attractions either closed or limited to a few hours, and the hotel prices increased.

Make your holiday this year different by arranging for a budget tour to places such as Alicante and Valencia for festive re-enactments of unique histories, or in time for the August tomato fight in Bunol.

The Moors and Christian Festival

The Spanish Mediterranean coast is rife with fiestas that take you back to the medieval era. Don’t miss out on the festival of Moors and Christians, celebrated every month in villages across the south of Spain. The days are brimming with legend and magic, with the streets decked out like the Golden Age of Iberia. Book a tour of Alcoy towards the end of April and you will get to participate in a Spanish tradition dating back to the 16th century, where exhilarating mock battles and magnificent processions cast you under a spell.

This festival is a commemoration of the 13th century battle between Moorish and Christian soldiers over the rule of the country. You will be greeted by parades, staged plays, and elaborate costumes, as the Spaniards re-enact the events of the re-conquest.

Hogueras de San Juan

Hogueras de San Juan, also known as The Bonfires of Saint John, is a popular festival that is celebrated around the Saint John’s day (23rd June). The event takes place in many towns around Spain, including Guardamar del Segura, a 7 minutes drive from El Raso. For this festival, people create large bonfires from all forms of wood and share hot chocolate. This is a great event for people seeking quality family time.

La Tomatina Festival

La Tomatina is the famous food fight festival of the town of Bunol, held each year on the last Wednesday of August. The festival attracts thousands upon thousands of people from all over the world who participate in the “worlds largest food fight” in which more than 100 metric tons of over ripe tomatoes are thrown in the streets. This is definitely a lifetime event that you don’t want to miss. If you are not in Bunol at this time, Valencia is close enough.

Join thousands of revellers coming from all corners of the world to participate in the biggest food fight in the world, where every over-ripe tomato within reach becomes a missile that you aim to maim. There are truckloads of these tomatoes waiting to paint the streets and anything on them red. Preceding the fight is a week of parades, music, dancing, fireworks, and the paella cooking festival. Official ticketing was introduced in 2013, so talk to your travel agent early enough to be among the lucky 20,000 who participate in La Tomatina. As you pack a bag, don’t forget a change of clothes and goggles!

Plan your Mediterranean holiday this year around Spanish fiestas. Call Helen today on 07989 959 008 to reserve a spot for you on a grand tour of Spain while you put up at the Casa de Limon, the best holiday villa on the Mediterranean coast.

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