Tips on How to Tour Spain like a Native

Tips on How to Tour Spain like a NativeYou couldn’t come across stranger things on your world adventure than the dead “tissue language” of Spain. Do not try to understand the why or the when, just pack enough tissue wherever you go. If you’ve been to Spain before, this is all familiar – however, should you be travelling there for the first time, culture shock may be what stands between you and the best holiday experience in the world. The bathroom situation alone is enough to shake your beliefs in ablutions. Spain is one of the richest countries in Europe in terms of tourist attractions but if you are unable to accept the unique practices of this place, you may fail to recognize it for the jewel it is.

How to Use Money in Spain

First off, Spaniards are not big on the use of travellers’ checks. You will have to cash what you have but beware of the crazy high commissions at airports and exchange offices. The best advice is to carry cash for the pizza joints and credit cards for taxis, cafes, and restaurants. Where credit cards are accepted you will also be required to provide a picture ID or driver’s license ID. Get some Dinero for your travellers check from the banks before 2pm – there is a rather strange culture in this country of bankers not operating after the clock strikes the hour. A travel agent will tell you to carry only the minimum amount possible whenever you are travelling abroad. You can keep this cash in different pockets. Also, use one credit card. You do not want to risk having your entire life stolen.

An Eye for the Best Restaurant Deals

Pizza sells big in Spain. Nevertheless, you do not want to relate your holiday experience with a bland tapas chain. If there is a picture of a pizza or paella outside a restaurant, run for the hills! Go to the traditional restaurants and bars offering home cooked meals. A ‘menu del dia’ is an indication of the best restaurants because you will get to enjoy a second-course meal accompanied by some beverage or a dessert. A travel agent will tell you to eat at the places with reasonable prices unless you are immune against boredom. With a little time searching you will be able to find a ‘menu of the day’ that will cost you 6 euros. That is landing quite the fantastic deal!

It’s a Holiday So You Move Around

Giving directions is certainly not a forte of the Spaniards. So if you plan to go on a country adventure in a rental car, be prepared to lose count of how many times you get lost. You will drive more on instinct than rationale because the signs are just too confusing and many streets don’t even have markings. It may be better to consider public transportation. Get on the train for a cross-country adventure; this is the least stressful and most enjoyable way of travelling abroad. The ‘turista’ class is perfect because it’s not only cheaper but you also get to chat with fellow tourists. While boarding, pass by Corte Ingles for a free map. A travel agent will tell you to travel on AVE, the high speed train for great discounts. AVE is also your answer when you need to move on the last minute.

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