Top Tourist Destinations in Spain Today

top places to visit in spain

Spain is a beautiful country with a vibrant culture and so many unique attractions that one visit cannot do it justice. However, you can make sure that what you see is a sample of the best Spain has to offer.

You’ll be forgiven for thinking the universe has conspired to make Spain such a gem, with its rich history dating back to the medieval era, picturesque countryside, and stunning coastlines featuring world famous beaches and breath-taking cliffs. A holiday in Spain is a guarantee of fun for anyone regardless of the weather. Great places to start
with are the top rated destinations.

The Spectacle of Barcelona’s Barri Gotic

The dark ages are fascinating and offer a unique attraction in Spain. In Barcelona, you will find remnants of an era long gone at the Barri Gotic. Once upon a time the Barri Gotic was a Roman village but time has sculptured it into a hybrid of ancient and modern architecture. The labyrinths of the streets in the old Gothic quarter today are narrow,
sporting beautiful, peaceful squares and lined with the shades of lush green trees.

A spectacular cathedral with an equally incredible courtyard and a history dating back to the 13th century seats at the heart of the Barri Gotic. A most unusual sight on the site is the geese, but maybe wondering at their existence here is a mundane task. Legend has it that they have been the residents of the cathedral’s cloister for half a millennium and are a symbol of the virginity of Saint Eulalia. Don’t be fooled, though. They can squawk and scare!

Other discoveries to make at the Barri Gotic are the world famous boulevard of Las Ramblas (shopping) and Port Vell, home of Europe’s largest aquariums. Visit a themed market, explore the wax museum, and find out what draws people to the museum of erotica.

Picturesque Villages that Make Time Travel a Reality

The modern cities throbbing with life and intensity mask the true essence of Spain. Until you have visited the humble villages dotting the land, you have not met the legendary Old Spain. Aragón is the home of the most beautiful villages in Spain, among them Albarracín, Sos del Rey Católico, and Aínsa. The villages in Castilla y León give you a
beauteous glimpse into a time before the modern world and global travel. In Andalucía, the ancient, world famous white villages known as pueblos blancos still stand on sentinel duty on the once cruel frontier, adorned in small somnolent churches and ruined castles. And along the coast is the unusual sight of living and breathing fishing villages resting upon and around arcs of sand.

The Famous Ibiza

Should you find yourself in Valencia, hop onto a plane, destination Ibiza, and discover first hand why the nightlife is famous. The Balearic Island will stun you with its quiet side, the natural attractions.

Crystal clear waters lap at spectacular natural beaches and provide the perfect sites for sun worshippers and hopeless romantics. Cave exploration, horseback riding, and water sports such as snorkelling, waterskiing, jet skiing, and parasailing are all available. Take a drive by rustic farmhouses to the nature reserve of es Vedrà and es Vedranell and Ses Salines National Park for a real experience of the serenity of Ibiza. You will see enough of wildlife and unique natural features the likes of peregrine falcons, salt lakes, dramatic cliffs, and centuries-old trees.

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